Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

SKYYO provides efficient environmental site assessments that identify projects existed or potential contaminating sources, pathways, and receptors, as well as scope of affected area. This helps to ensure adherence to all environmental, social, economic, heritage, and health requirements under the Environmental Assessment Act (BCEAA) and Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA).  In the process, projects are able to move forward in a timely manner, while environmental mitigation and protection measures are identified and integrated into development plans. SKYYO Environmental works in interface environments, urban microenvironments, and in remote regions with the proponent, all regulatory bodies and interest groups to access and mitigate, to the extent possible, the potential direct and indirect impacts of proposed developments on the surrounding environment (including Phase I, II, and III ESA).


Environmental Monitoring

At SKYYO, we can tailor an environmental monitoring program that takes the uniqueness of each project and guides it through the development, construction, and post-construction phases. We strive to find the most efficient way for construction to proceed while maintaining environmental integrity. 

Environmental monitoring is a component of most construction projects yet is still sometimes perceived as a hindrance: a thing that provides resistance, delay, or obstruction to something or someone. When undertaken with expertise, it becomes a valuable tool that provides guidance through the regulatory process, streamlining project commitments during construction and operation, and ensures that projects comply with applicable legislation, regulations, and guidelines.


Environmental Product Trade (EPT)

SKYYO introduces high technologies from Canada (or China) to China (or Canada), and transfers the various patents into productive force in China (or Canada). Skyyo engages in trade in environmentally friendly products between China and Canada